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What is a dictionary primarily used for?

To list words and their meanings

Why is it mentioned that not all results are correct when using online sources?

Because online sources may have errors or inaccuracies

How did older generations expand their language skills according to the text?

Visiting libraries and reading books

What does the text suggest about the variety of tools available for expanding vocabulary?

A wide range of tools accessible through both physical and online platforms

In what way has the process of accessing information changed for modern learners compared to older generations?

Modern learners can easily search for words online instead of going to libraries

What is the main advantage of an expanded dictionary mentioned in the text?

It helps in expressing ideas in a more varied manner

How do dictionaries contribute to our language skills based on the text?

They enhance our ability to communicate thoughts and understand meanings

Why is it important to select a quality dictionary, especially when using the Internet?

To ensure accurate and reliable information

What is the purpose of a bilingual glossary?

To give the meanings of words in two languages

When should you refer to a glossary while reading a book?

When you encounter unfamiliar terms related to the book's subject

What differentiates a thesaurus from a dictionary?

A dictionary includes multiple synonyms and antonyms

How does alphabetizing words help in using glossaries and dictionaries?

It allows quick reference and finding of words

What is a common feature between glossaries and dictionaries?

Both offer synonyms and antonyms for words

Why should writers use a thesaurus, especially when writing poetry?

To avoid using repetitive language in their writing

What is the primary advantage of having a trusted thesaurus both in print and online?

Enhancement of writing by offering diverse synonym options

Learn about sources and tools that help in expanding vocabulary skills and expressing ideas effectively. Discover the richness of language and how it enables effective communication.

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