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Which word best fits the blank in the sentence: 'The company's ________ growth in profits surprised everyone.'?


What word describes the personality that helped diffuse tension in the office in the sentence: 'Despite the challenges, his _______ personality helped diffuse tension in the office.'?


Which word best describes the artist's creation in the sentence: 'The artist's _______ creation left everyone speechless.'?


What word best describes the obstacles faced by the team in the sentence: 'The team faced ______ obstacles while implementing the new system.'?


Study Notes

Vocabulary in Context

  • Surprising: fitting the blank in the sentence, describing the company's growth in profits, implying an unexpected increase.

Personality Traits

  • Affable: describing the personality that helped diffuse tension in the office, meaning pleasant, friendly, and good-natured.

Artistic Creations

  • Breathtaking: describing the artist's creation, implying something that inspires a sense of great surprise or admiration.

Challenges and Obstacles

  • Formidable: describing the obstacles faced by the team while implementing the new system, implying great difficulty or challenge.

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