Excretory Products and Their Elimination Quiz

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Match the following nitrogenous wastes with their excretory mechanisms:

Ammonia = Ammonotelism Urea = Ureotelism Uric acid = Uricotelism Carbon dioxide = Diffusion across body surfaces

Match the following animals with their primary excretory mechanism:

Bony fishes, aquatic amphibians, aquatic insects = Ammonotelism Mammals, most adult amphibians, sharks, some marine bony fishes = Ureotelism Birds, land snails, insects, reptiles = Uricotelism All animals = Diffusion across body surfaces

Match the following nitrogenous wastes with their level of toxicity:

Ammonia = Most toxic Urea = Moderately toxic Uric acid = Least toxic Carbon dioxide = Non-toxic

Match the following excretory products with their primary excretory organ in mammals:

Ammonia = Gills (in fish) Urea = Kidneys Uric acid = Kidneys Carbon dioxide = Lungs

Match the following excretory adaptations with their corresponding need:

Ammonotelism = Aquatic environment with ample water availability Ureotelism = Terrestrial environment with moderate water availability Uricotelism = Terrestrial environment with limited water availability Diffusion across body surfaces = Universal adaptation for gas exchange

Test your knowledge on the excretory system, urine formation, and elimination mechanisms of ammonia, urea, uric acid, carbon dioxide, water, and ions in humans and animals.

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