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What type of variance refers to the variation in a trait due to the additive effects of multiple genes?

Genetic variance

Which type of selection involves favoring individuals with extreme phenotypes and acting against the average?

Directional selection

What is the term for barriers that prevent mating or fertilization between species?

Prezygotic barriers

Which mode of speciation occurs when populations are geographically isolated from each other?

Allopatric speciation

What term describes a group that consists of an ancestral species and all its descendants?

Monophyletic group

Which hypothesis suggests that sex is advantageous because it provides genetic diversity to cope with changing environments?

Red Queen hypothesis

What is the term for the variance in a trait that results from the interaction between genes at different loci?

Epistatic variance

In the context of species concepts, which concept is criticized for not accounting for asexual reproduction and hybridization?

Biological species concept

Which mode of selection promotes the average phenotype in a population, reducing phenotypic diversity?

Stabilizing selection

What type of genetic variation refers to the variation in a trait caused by the combined effects of multiple genes with small effects?

Additive genetic variance

Which reproductive barrier involves differences in mating behaviors or rituals that prevent successful mating between species?

Behavioral isolation

In speciation by vicariance, how are populations of a species separated?


What is the term for the cost associated with the production and maintenance of males in sexually reproducing species?

'Cost of males'

'Reduced fertility' is an example of which type of reproductive barrier between species?

'Reduced fertility'

'Clades' are also known as what kind of groups based on phylogenetic relationships?

'Monophyletic groups'

'Homoplasy' refers to similarities between species that result from convergent evolution rather than common ancestry. Which type of characters are considered 'homoplasies'?


Test your knowledge on phenotypic variance, heritability, species concepts, and reproductive barriers. Explore genetic and environmental variances, breeder's equation, modes of selection, and the shortcomings of species concepts.

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