Eucharistic Processions

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During which event was the Eucharistic procession held in Manhattan?

Napa Institute's Principled Entrepreneurship Conference

Who celebrated Mass before the start of the procession at St. Patrick's Cathedral?

Father Mike Schmitz

What did Father Mike Schmitz address during the Mass at St. Patrick's Cathedral?

The need for Jesus to rescue sinners

Where did the public procession pass right in front of?

Radio City Music Hall

What was carried aloft during the Eucharistic procession in Manhattan?

A golden monstrance

Which organization sponsored the public procession in Manhattan?

Catholic leadership organization Napa Institute

Where was the 2023 Principled Entrepreneurship Conference held?

The Metropolitan Club

What did some bystanders do when the procession passed by?

Dropped to their knees

Who joined Father Mike Schmitz at St. Patrick's Cathedral for the Mass?

Priests from around the country

What was the purpose of the Eucharistic procession in Manhattan?

To honor the Body of Christ

What did Schmitz compare the Eucharistic procession to?

Jesus carrying his cross during his passion

Why was Schmitz initially hesitant about processing the Eucharist in public spaces?

He was afraid of people's misunderstanding, indifference, or hatred

What did Schmitz say about Jesus during his passion?

He was unnoticed, misunderstood, or hated by almost everyone who saw him

What did Schmitz hope someone would do during the Eucharistic procession?

Look up, glance over, and ask 'Who is that?'

What did Schmitz want the procession to be a choice for?

To say 'God, I want you to recognize me in your glory'

What did Schmitz compare the Eucharistic procession to?

Jesus carrying his cross during his passion

Test your knowledge on Eucharistic processions with this quiz! Learn about the recent procession in Manhattan and the significance of carrying the Body of Christ through the streets. Explore the history and traditions of this sacred practice.

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