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What are the main feed resources for animal production in Ethiopia?

Natural pastures and crop residues

Why is the use of agro-industrial by-products as feed limited in Ethiopia?

Unavailability, expensiveness, and lack of awareness of their importance as animal feed

How are genetic factors related to animal production in Ethiopia described?

Traditional management system using local breeds adapted to local conditions

What is the major constraint affecting animal production in Ethiopia?

Inadequate feed supply in quantity and quality

How does the seasonal variation in feed resources affect animal productivity in Ethiopia?

Animals are maintained with less feed than their usual requirement, affecting productivity and reproductive potential


quantity can be mitigated through expanding commercial feed production (improved grasses, legumes and formulated feeds). The use of young and succulent grass (at 30% flowering stage), mixing mature grass with legumes, chopping matured grass and mixing it with molasses, etc. are some strategies in feed quality enhancement. ► Genetic factors The animal production system in Ethiopia can be characterized as a traditional management system. This system uses local breeds.

Study Notes

Feed Resources for Animal Production in Ethiopia

  • Main feed resources: natural pasture, crop residues, and agro-industrial by-products
  • Natural pasture: dominant feed resource, but quantity and quality are declining due to soil erosion and overgrazing

Limitations of Agro-Industrial By-Products as Feed

  • Limited use due to: competition with human food and other industries, high costs of transportation and storage, and lack of awareness about their nutritional value

Genetic Factors in Animal Production

  • Indigenous breeds: well adapted to local environment, but have low productivity
  • Exotic breeds: higher productivity, but not well adapted to local environment
  • Crossbreeding: offers potential for improving productivity, but requires careful selection and management

Constraints Affecting Animal Production

  • Major constraint: feed shortage, particularly during dry seasons
  • Other constraints: diseases, parasites, poor breeding practices, and limited access to markets and credit

Seasonal Variation in Feed Resources and Animal Productivity

  • Seasonal variation in feed availability affects animal productivity, particularly in pastoral and agro-pastoral systems
  • Dry seasons: reduced feed availability, lower animal productivity, and increased mortality

Quiz: Ethiopian Animal Feed Shortage Test your knowledge about the challenges of animal feed shortage in Ethiopia. Learn about the main feed resources, their limitations, and the impact on animal production.

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