Estimation Techniques in Problem Solving

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What is the square of -4?


What is the square root of 9?


If the side length of a square is 7 units, what is the area of the square?

49 square units

Which number has a negative square root?


What is the square root of 100?


If the area of a square is 144 square units, what is the side length of the square?

12 units

What is front-end estimation?

Estimating a calculation by rounding the numbers involved and calculating using the rounded values

How does front-end rounding work with decimals?

The place values to the right of the rounded number are truncated or cut off

What is the result of front-end rounding 0.796 to the nearest tenth?


In which type of problems can front-end estimation be used?

Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problems

What is a reason to learn rounding?

Rounding makes estimation possible

What is involved in front-end estimation?

Front-end rounding each number and calculating using the rounded values

What is the purpose of rounding numbers in estimation?

To make solving problems quicker and easier

What is the proper format for conducting square root problems?

Place the number for which a square root is being sought under the radical sign as the radicand

What are perfect square roots?

Square roots that result in a whole number

What is the result of an imperfect square number?

An irrational square root

How can common times tables help in estimating square roots?

They can help identify the relative distance between imperfect squares and perfect squares

What is the purpose of rounding numbers to the nearest whole number in the given context?

To simplify and speed up problem solving

What is the square root of 81?


Which property states that square roots do not distribute over addition?

Distributive property

What is the rounded answer when rounding 793 to the nearest hundred?


When estimating a square root, what is the recommended approach to test the guess?

Square the guess and see if it is close to the original radicand.

What is the recommended approach to calculate the square root of a number without a calculator?

Identify two perfect squares near the radicand, then divide and average the results.

Why is estimation important in everyday life?

To save time and efficiently handle everyday tasks.

In the example of shopping with a budget, what is an advantage of using estimation?

It helps quickly estimate total costs without adding up exact values.

What is one area where estimation can be beneficial in everyday life?

Budgeting and making purchase decisions at a store.

What is the purpose of estimation in the context of fuel remaining in a car?

To have a rough idea of how far the car can go with the remaining fuel

How does estimating time help in avoiding being late for appointments?

By providing a buffer time for unexpected delays

In which of the scenarios is estimation used to make quick decisions before an accurate calculation is required?

Estimating math solutions in an academic setting

What is the significance of rounding to the nearest multiple of ten when estimating?

It simplifies the calculation process

What does the term 'percent' mean?

Per hundred

When estimating time for running errands during a lunch break, what should be considered most important?

Estimating a buffer time for unexpected delays

What is the main advantage of using estimation to check math solutions?

It saves time in calculation

What does 99% mean in the context of shooting basketball shots?

99 out of 100 shots made

Why is it important to estimate the distance remaining in a car based on fuel capacity?

To avoid running out of fuel unexpectedly

'Per cent' literally means 'per' ________.


Learn about using estimation techniques to quickly and efficiently solve problems. Understand how to round numbers to a specific place value to make the process faster. This quiz will help you improve your estimation skills for quicker data processing.

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