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What is the main function of hemoglobin?

Bind oxygen to transport to tissues

How many protein chains make up a hemoglobin molecule?


What is the non-protein moiety that binds oxygen in hemoglobin?

Heme group

Where does hematopoiesis primarily occur after birth?

Red bone marrow

Which type of blood cell does megakaryoblasts give rise to?


Where do all formed elements of blood originate from?

Red bone marrow

What is the primary function of red blood cells?

Carrying oxygen from the lungs to every cell

Which of the following is NOT a component found in red blood cells?


What gives red blood cells their red color?


Which factor does NOT influence the number of red blood cells in the body?

Enzyme levels

What is the shape of a red blood cell?

Concave disk

What characteristic of red blood cell membrane allows it to be flexible?

Fluid nature

What stimulates erythropoiesis in response to decreased oxygen levels in the blood?


Which cell is the first committed cell in the process of erythropoiesis?


What is the role of testosterone in red blood cell production?

Stimulates red blood cell production

Which hormone is secreted by the kidneys and liver to stimulate proerythroblasts in differentiating into erythroblasts?


What is the normal range of red blood cell counts in adult females?

4.7-6.1 million cells per microliter

Which nutrient is essential for hemoglobin synthesis?


Test your knowledge on the process of erythrocyte (red blood cell) production, known as erythropoiesis. Learn about the role of erythropoietin, hypoxia, and the different stages involved in the formation of mature red blood cells.

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