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How many hours per week does the Environmental Culture course consist of?

2 hours (one lecture) per week

What is the main goal of the course Environmental Culture?

To focus on sustainable practices and addressing ecological problems

Who is the main contact for the Environmental Culture course?

Dr. Hanan Sayed Mahmoud

What is the focus of the Environmental Culture course?

Understanding ecological problems and sustainable practices

What is the course code for Environmental Culture?


What is the main objective of the Environmental Culture course?

To understand the impact of human activities on the environment

Which professor is responsible for teaching about Urban Air Pollution?

Prof. Hamada Mohamed Mahmoud

What is the difference between Environment and Ecology?

Environment focuses on living organisms, while Ecology focuses on abiotic factors

What is the primary cause of Stratospheric Ozone Depletion?

Excess release of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) in the atmosphere

What are the major elements contributing to Water Pollution?

Sediment, Nutrient overload, and Toxic chemicals

Test your knowledge on the outlines of the Environmental Culture course lecture by Dr. Hanan Sayed Mahmoud. Covering topics such as environmental science, biodiversity, habitat, air pollution, global climate change, and more.

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