Environmental Benefits of Increasing Thermal Generating Station Efficiency Quiz

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Which type of equipment do Power Engineers operate and maintain?

Industrial refrigeration and air compression plants

Power Engineers must have knowledge of which of the following?

Design specifications and limitations

What is the role of Power Engineers in large plants?

They supervise and direct others to operate a shift

Which type of equipment do Power Engineers operate and maintain in smaller plants?

Emergency power diesel generator

What is the role of Power Engineers in the safe and efficient functioning of a plant?

Operate and maintain equipment

What is the primary result of efficient energy conversion?

Reduction in energy consumption

What is the potential cost savings of a 1% increase in overall plant efficiency in a 500 MW thermal generating station?

$1 million per year

How many days off does Team A have after their three night shifts that finish on Monday morning?

Three days off

What is the total number of hours worked by each Power Engineer in the 28 day cycle?

168 hours

Which shift scenario involves a 'week in' and 'week out' camp style deployment?

Team D's shift rotation

What must Power Engineers guard against while working in close proximity to boilers and plant processes?

Burns and other injuries

What is the potential CO2 emission reduction per year if there is a 1% increase in overall plant efficiency?

6.8 million kg

What do Power Engineers primarily focus on in jurisdictions where they are not permitted to perform mechanical repairs and maintenance?

Operating power plant equipment

What was the purpose of the steam engine when it was first invented?

To remove water from mines

What did owners do to promote the progression of unskilled helpers in power plants?

Certify their skill level

Which of the following is NOT a responsibility of Power Engineers in larger plants?

Regenerating water softeners

What is the nature of the work for novice Power Engineers?

Repairing equipment

What is the main reason for the involvement of insurance underwriters and governments in the certification of operators and equipment?

To prevent serious accidents

What is the working schedule like for Power Engineers?

Eight or twelve hours per day, in rotating shifts

Test your knowledge on how a 1% increase in thermal generating station efficiency can lead to a significant reduction in CO2 emissions. Learn about the impact of lignite coal burning and discover the potential environmental benefits.

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