Entrepreneurship Lecture 1: Entrepreneurial Ideas and Ecosystems

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What is the entrepreneurial mindset characterized by?

Creating value by recognizing and acting on opportunities

According to Schumpeter (1934), what does 'creative destruction' refer to?

The disruption caused by innovation and entrepreneurship

What does Gartner (1990) discuss when talking about entrepreneurship?

The importance of corporate entrepreneurship

What is Sarasvathy's (2001) theory of effectuation centered around?

Minimizing risks and uncertainties

What is the recent debate around entrepreneurship focused on?

Different types of entrepreneurs such as 'corporate' and 'everyday'

What does the GEM study track in 115 countries?

Early stage entrepreneurial activity

What does the word 'entrepreneur' derive from?

French words entre and prendre

What is Total Early Stage Entrepreneurial Activity (TEA) composed of?

Businesses just being started and businesses in existence for less than three and a half years

What is the primary motivation for entrepreneurial activity according to the GEM study?

All of the above

What is entrepreneurship defined as in the text?

The process of turning an idea into a business.

Test your understanding of entrepreneurial ideas and ecosystems with this quiz based on the concepts and theories discussed in Entrepreneurship Lecture 1. Explore the perspectives of scholars like Schumpeter, Kirzner, Sarasvathy, and Gartner, as well as more recent debates on 'corporate entrepreneurs' and 'everyday entrepreneurs'.

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