Entrepreneurship: 4M's of Production and Business Model

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What is the primary focus of the Four M's of production?

Transformation process and inputs

What is the main consideration in selecting a production method?

All of the above

Which of the following is NOT a criterion for determining manpower?

Mode of production

What does the 'Machine' in the Four M's of production refer to?

Manufacturing equipment

What is the ultimate goal of considering the Four M's of production?

To improve product quality

What is the main role of the entrepreneur in terms of manpower?

To determine, attain, and match the most competent employees with the jobs

What is the main purpose of a product description?

To provide details around the features and benefits of the product

What is the main consideration when selecting equipment to purchase?

The cost and capacity of the equipment

What is the primary purpose of making a prototype?

To test the product and meet customers' needs

What is the term for goods and services offered by one business to another?


What is the primary goal of pretesting a product or service?

To test the product and meet customers' needs and expectations

What is the main difference between a product's features and benefits?

Features are descriptive facts, while benefits are the reasons to buy

Study Notes

4M's of Production

  • The 4M's of production are the key factors involved in the input and production process, namely Manpower, Method, Machine, and Materials.
  • These factors determine the quality of the output.


  • Refers to the human labor force involved in the manufacture of products.
  • Key criteria to consider when selecting employees include educational qualifications, experience, employment status, number of workers required, skills, and expertise.
  • Entrepreneurs must determine, attain, and match the most competent and skilled employees with the jobs at the most appropriate time period.


  • Refers to the production method or process of transforming raw materials to finished products.
  • The selection of the production method depends on the product to produce, mode of production, manufacturing equipment to use, and required skills to do the work.


  • Refers to the manufacturing equipment used in the production of goods or delivery of services.
  • When selecting equipment, consider the type of product to be produced, production system to be adopted, cost of equipment, capacity, availability of spare parts, equipment efficiency, and required skills to operate the equipment.


  • Refers to the raw materials necessary for production.
  • Key considerations when selecting materials include cost, quality, availability, supplier credibility, and potential waste generated.

Product Description

  • A product description provides customers with details about the features and benefits of a product to encourage them to buy.
  • Guidelines for a good product description include knowing the target market, focusing on benefits, telling a story, using natural language and tone, power words, and good images.


  • A prototype is a duplication of a product as it will be produced, including details like color, graphics, packaging, and directions.
  • Prototyping is an important early step in the inventing process, allowing for testing and refinement to meet customers' needs and expectations.


  • A supplier is an entity that offers goods and services to another business.
  • Suppliers play a crucial role in the supply chain, often offering the main part of the value contained within a product.
  • Some suppliers may engage in drop shipping, where they ship goods directly to the customers of the buyer.

Discover the importance of the 4M's of production - Manpower, Method, Machine, and Materials - in determining the quality of output in business operations and how they relate to developing a business model. Learn how these factors impact the production process and entrepreneurial success.

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