Entity Relationship Diagrams and Big Data Challenges Quiz

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What is the correct order of the dimensions of knowledge from lowest to highest?

Data, Information, Knowledge, Wisdom

Which form of knowledge involves know-how, craft, and skill?

Tacit knowledge

What is the main advantage of using the web for database access?

All of the above

What does data administration establish policies and procedures to manage?


What is the role of database administration?

Creating and maintaining databases

Where is explicit knowledge typically located?

In databases and the Web

What is the main purpose of an Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD)?

To document the data model and illustrate relationships between entities

What is the main challenge posed by Big Data?

Massive sets of unstructured/semi-structured data from various sources

What is the purpose of a Data Warehouse?

To store current and historical data from core operational transaction systems

What is the primary function of Data Mart?

To summarize or focus a portion of data for specific users

What does Hadoop enable?

Distributed parallel processing of big data across inexpensive computers

What is the role of Data Cleansing?

To detect and correct data that are incorrect, incomplete, improperly formatted, or redundant

What is the main purpose of Web Mining?

Discovery and analysis of useful patterns and information from the Web

What does Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) support?

Multidimensional data analysis

What is the main role of a Knowledge Management System?

Collective and individual experience of applying knowledge to solve problems

Test your knowledge of Entity Relationship Diagrams (ERD) used by database designers to document the data model, and the challenges of handling massive sets of unstructured/semi-structured data known as Big Data. Understand the importance of data modeling for system performance and the opportunities provided by analyzing big data for businesses.

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