English Written Test: Question 1-6

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Which sentence is grammatically correct?

I haven’t got any Brothers or Sisters

Where did the person come from?

from Italy

Which phrase indicates a disaster at the party?

was no body

What is Ann's response to 'how are you'?

I am fine, thanks. And you?

What is the correct way to ask if someone has friends in Barcelona?

Have you got any friends in Barcelona

Which word correctly completes the sentence: 'I’ve lost my passport, I can’t find it _____'?


Which sentence is grammatically correct?

He arrived in heathrow airport on Friday morning.

What is the correct answer to the question: 'Where … Ann and Mary at 6pm yesterday?'


Which word is the correct plural form of 'recipe'?


What is the most appropriate response to the question: 'Have you phoned the restaurant about the booking?'

Yes, I have.

'I haven’t seen your cousin… over a year ago.' Which word correctly completes the sentence?


'We’ll never get to the airport! There is … time!' Which phrase correctly completes the sentence?

too few

Which sentence is grammatically correct?

Peter is telling Jane to do it at this very moment.

In the sentence 'That’s the boy… I met at the party!', which word should fill in the blank?


Which option correctly completes the sentence: 'Those shopping bags look really heavy, ……carry one for you?'

shall I

Which sentence uses the correct past perfect tense?

I had already had lunch before I went to the cinema in the afternoon.

What is the most suitable response to the question: 'What have I done with my wallet? I don’t remember………it any where last night'?


Which sentence correctly uses modal verbs?

He ought to go to see the accountant this morning.

Study Notes

Grammar and Vocabulary

  • Correct responses for questions about family:
    • I haven’t got any brothers or sisters.
    • I have brothers and sisters.
  • Correct responses for questions about origin:
    • I come from Italy.
    • I am from Italy.
  • Correct responses for questions about attendance:
    • There was nobody at the party.
    • There was somebody at the party.

Prepositions and Directions

  • Correct prepositions for locations:
    • in Italy
    • at the office
    • on the first floor
  • Correct prepositions for directions:
    • to Paris
    • from Italy
    • in Barcelona

Verb Tenses

  • Correct usage of verb tenses:
    • I have lost my passport (present perfect)
    • I was born in 1992 (past simple)
    • I will buy a dog (future simple)
    • I would buy a dog (conditional)
    • I have been living in Paris since 1999 (present perfect continuous)
    • I didn't have breakfast (past simple)
    • I have already had dinner (present perfect)
    • I will finish this exercise (future simple)

Conditionals and Modals

  • Correct usage of conditionals:
    • If I lived in the mountains, I would buy a dog.
    • I would have bought a dog if I lived in the mountains.
  • Correct usage of modals:
    • I must go to the accountant this morning.
    • I had to collect the kids from school.
    • I ought to carry one for you.

Sentence Structure

  • Correct sentence structure:
    • I haven't got any money.
    • There is too little time.
    • I haven't seen your cousin for over a year.
    • I remember seeing Rosa win the Eurovision.
    • I don't know where I put my wallet last night.

Test your written English skills with 6 questions covering grammar and vocabulary. Questions include choosing the correct word, completing sentences, and answering simple queries.

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