English Vocabulary: Shopping and Kitchen Appliances

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Which word means 'boil' in Arabic?


What is the Arabic translation for 'coffee machine'?

ماكينة صنع القهوة

What is the Arabic translation for 'kettle'?

غالية كهربائية

What does the Arabic word 'زبون – عميل' mean in English?


'Quality' in Arabic is translated as:


Study Notes

Shopping Vocabulary

  • Microwave: a machine that cooks food quickly using special waves.
  • Smart: using computers or the internet to make something work better.
  • Special offer: something that is a good price or free to encourage people to buy it.
  • Discount: a price that is less than usual.
  • Deal: a good or cheap price.
  • Sale: a time when a shop sells things at a cheaper price than usual.

Kitchen Appliances

  • Coffee machine: you can make a hot drink with this.
  • Kettle: you can boil water with this - something that you use in the kitchen to boil water.
  • Speaker: equipment that you connect to or is part of a phone, radio, computer, etc. so that you can listen to it.

Test your knowledge of English vocabulary related to shopping and kitchen appliances with this quiz. Match the words with their definitions to enhance your language skills.

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