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What is the primary objective of Informative Text?

To inform or present information

What type of Informative Text provides a step-by-step process to accomplish a task?


What is the main purpose of Poetry?

To provide pleasure and delight

What type of Journalistic Text is commonly found in newspapers and magazines?

Print Journalism

What is the primary characteristic of Yellow Journalism?

It uses eye-catching headlines and sensationalism

What type of Literary Writing is characterized by a compressed and intense utterance?


What is the typical purpose of prose?

To furnish information, instruction, or enlightenment

What is the normal word order in a sentence?


What is the purpose of using proper punctuation marks and capitalization?

To change the tone and meaning of the text

What punctuation mark is used to introduce a series of elements?


When should you capitalize the first letter of a word?

Always, no matter the location

What is the purpose of an ellipsis?

To omit words, phrases, or lines from a quotation or passage

Test your knowledge of different text types, their features, and purposes. This quiz covers informative texts, including factual recounts and procedural texts, and their goals and characteristics.

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