English Text: Conditional Sentences and Reported Speech
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English Text: Conditional Sentences and Reported Speech

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Match the following characters with their actions:

Samantha = Exclaimed 'I got in!' when receiving acceptance letter Alex = Asked Samantha about her backup plan Samantha's parents = Encouraged Samantha to pursue her dreams

Match the following statements with their content:

Samantha's thoughts about studying and getting good grades = Related to getting into medical school Alex's question to Samantha about not getting accepted into medical school = Prompted Samantha to consider other options Samantha's response to Alex about not getting accepted = Included taking a gap year or applying to a different program Samantha's excitement upon receiving the acceptance letter = Expressed by exclaiming 'I got in!'

Match the following phrases with their significance:

Anticipation growing as the school year ended = Before receiving college acceptance results Encouragement from Samantha's parents = To pursue her dreams wholeheartedly Samantha's pondering of future plans at the end of high school = Related to considering medical school Excitement upon receiving acceptance letter from dream medical school = Resulted in exclaiming 'I got in!'

Study Notes

Samantha's Goal and Plans

  • Samantha's lifelong dream is to become a doctor.
  • She believes that achieving this goal requires dedication and hard work.

Planning for the Future

  • As she approaches the end of high school, Samantha thinks about her future plans.
  • She considers the importance of studying diligently and getting good grades on her exams to get into a reputable medical school.

Support from Others

  • Samantha's parents have always been supportive of her aspirations.
  • When she shares her plans with them, they encourage her to pursue her dreams wholeheartedly.

Contingency Planning

  • Samantha's best friend, Alex, asks about her plan if she doesn't get into medical school.
  • Samantha replies that she will consider other options, such as taking a gap year to gain more experience or applying to a different program.

Application and Acceptance

  • Samantha eagerly awaits the results of her college applications.
  • She receives an acceptance letter from her dream medical school, which leads to her excitement and celebration with her parents and friends.

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Test your understanding of conditional sentences and reported speech with a text in English. In this text, Samantha dreams of becoming a doctor and ponders her future plans using conditionals and reported speech.

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