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What are the three main categories of sounds in English?

Rowels, consonants, diphthongs

How are vowels produced?

Without obstruction of the oral cavity or constriction of the breath stream

How do consonants vary from one another?

In manner of obstruction, place of obstruction, and voicing

What are diphthongs?

A combination of two vowels produced as a single sound

What are the dimensions used to classify consonant sounds?

Manner of obstruction, place of obstruction, and voicing

Study Notes

Sounds in English

  • The three main categories of sounds in English are vowels, consonants, and diphthongs.

Vowel Production

  • Vowels are produced by the free flow of air through the vocal cords, without any obstruction.
  • The shape and position of the tongue, lips, and jaw affect the quality of the vowel sound.

Consonant Variation

  • Consonants vary from one another based on place, manner, and voicing of articulation.
  • Place of articulation refers to the location in the mouth where the consonant is produced.
  • Manner of articulation refers to the way the consonant is produced, such as by blocking or restricting airflow.
  • Voicing refers to whether the vocal cords vibrate during production.


  • Diphthongs are gliding vowels that move from one vowel sound to another within the same syllable.
  • Diphthongs are also known as gliding vowels or vowel glides.

Consonant Classification

  • Consonant sounds are classified according to three dimensions: place, manner, and voicing.
  • The dimensions of place, manner, and voicing are used to distinguish between different consonant sounds.

Test your knowledge of English phonetics with this quiz on vowels, consonants, and diphthongs. Identify and understand the sounds of the English language through this informative and engaging quiz.

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