English Objective Questions for Board Exam 2024

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What did Morning Leech want in the story?

To collect heavy rainwater

What is the primary focus of the objective quizzes mentioned in the text?

All of the above

What did What Leech expect to find in their answer letter?

100 paise

What skill do the students need to apply while answering the objective quizzes?


In the story, what action did Locho take when he received only 70 paise?

He wrote another letter to God

Study Notes

  • Maya Diwara students are preparing for their board exams in 2024, with numerous important objective quizzes that they need to understand thoroughly.
  • The first objective quiz is about Morning Leech, a creature in a story about farming in the morning. The object of the quiz is to determine what the Morning Leech wanted: rain or heavy rain.
  • Morning Leech had previously tried to collect rainwater in the morning, but was disappointed as it was only a little viscous rain. So, when Morning Leech saw heavy rain falling, it chose to perform the rain action (rain dance).
  • The second objective quiz is about the What LeechReply letter. In this case, the question is what the What Leech expected to find in their answer letter: a gold coin or 100 paise?
  • In the story, Locho, a boy, had written a letter to God asking for 100 paise, but only received 70 paise. Locho then asked God to send the remaining 30 paise again.
  • The students are encouraged to read and understand each objective quiz, as they will be tested on them in the upcoming board exams.
  • The objective quizzes cover various topics, including understanding the intentions of characters in stories and interpreting the meaning of letters based on context.
  • The students are advised to focus on understanding the key points of each objective quiz, as they will be tested on these points in the exam.
  • The objective quizzes also require students to apply their problem-solving skills, as they must determine what action a character took based on the given scenario.
  • The students are also encouraged to read and re-read the question instructions carefully to ensure they fully understand what is being asked.

Prepare for your upcoming board exam with these important English objective questions. Simply watch the video, understand the questions, and grasp the concepts to excel in your exam.

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