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Who is known as a significant figure in the development of vernacular Middle English?

Geoffrey Chaucer

Which work is considered the most famous in Old English literature?


What event helped to standardize the English language?

Invention of the printing press

Which form of English lasted until the 1470s?

Middle English

What is considered as the national epic status in England despite being set in Scandinavia?


What unifying themes tie together the field of biology?

Cells, hereditary information, evolution, and energy processing

What is immensely diverse on Earth and has been studied and classified by biologists?

Life forms from prokaryotic to eukaryotic organisms

What allows biologists to study life at multiple levels of organization?

The nature of their research questions and the tools they use

What do biologists use to make observations, generate hypotheses, perform experiments, and form conclusions?

The scientific method

When did life on Earth emerge according to the text?

>3.7 billion years ago

Test your knowledge of the history and development of English literature, from its earliest forms in Old English to the modern English-speaking world. Learn about the evolution of the English language and its impact on literary works throughout history.

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