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English Literature and Grammar

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What is the term for a figure of speech that combines two contradictory words or phrases?


What type of words are used to connect ideas between sentences or paragraphs?


What is the term for a word that describes the highest or most extreme degree of a quality?


What type of sentence structure is used when the subject of the sentence performs the action?

Active voice

What literary device is used to create a vivid and detailed description of a character?


What does the term 'xanthic' mean?

Yellowish or yellow-brown in color

What is gentrification?

The influx of affluent people into a lower-income neighborhood

What is the zenith?

The highest or most superior point

What are jonquils?

A type of flower

Which of the following is an example of an oxymoron?

Jumbo shrimp

Test your knowledge of literary devices and grammar concepts, including denotation and connotation, adages, adverbs, oxymoron, and more. Identify character types, understand active and passive voice, and learn to use transition words effectively. Improve your understanding of English language and literature.

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