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What transformation did the English language undergo for the author as they progressed through school?

It expanded and deepened, becoming a beautiful language

What activity did the author enjoy doing in literature classes?

Acting as a character in plays or reading aloud to classmates

Which author was NOT discovered by the author at the school library?

William Faulkner

What type of music did the author collect records of?

Frank Sinatra and Beatles records, among others

What literary form did the author enjoy reading and reciting?


What did the author's intense reading and music appreciation reflect about their being?

An integral part of their consciousness and way of being

What aspect of the English language fascinated the author in the first years of life?

Its sounds

In which city did the author experience their true encounter with living English?

Middletown, Connecticut

What feature of the author's aunt and uncle's house left a lasting impression on them?

The dense wood surrounding the pond

What event did the author attend during their visit to the United States?

The 1964 World's Fair

What was the author's initial impression of the United States?

Idyllic and peaceful

What aspect of the author's experience in the United States is most deeply imprinted in their memory?

The shock of encountering living English

Explore how the author's perception of the English language transformed from dull to beautiful, becoming an integral part of their being. Test your understanding of their literacy journey and the significance of language in literature and music.

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