English Grammar Quiz: Indefinite Pronouns

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Someone has stolen my wallet. I'll have to ask ______________________ who was at the party.


The new restaurant is really good. You should go ______________________ you can.


I'm feeling really tired. I need to rest ______________________ I can.


The hotel is huge. I'm sure we can find ______________________ to eat.


The new employee is very shy. I've only seen ______________________ in the office.


Study Notes

Grammar Focus: Conditionals and Possibility

  • Someone's wallet has been stolen, and they need to ask someone who was at the party for help.
  • The speaker recommends visiting a new restaurant when possible.
  • The speaker is tired and needs to rest before they can do anything else.
  • The hotel is large, and the speaker is confident that they can find a place to eat.
  • The new employee is shy and rarely seen in the office.

Vocabulary Focus: Prepositions and Phrases

  • "ask whoever" is used to express asking someone in general.
  • "go as soon as" implies doing something when possible.
  • "rest until" indicates resting until a certain condition is met.
  • "find somewhere" means to discover a place that fits the desired criteria.
  • "seen only" emphasizes the rarity of seeing someone or something.

Test your knowledge of indefinite pronouns with suffixes body, place, one, and where in different sentence contexts. Choose the correct answers to fill in the blanks.

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