English Grammar and Sentence Structure

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Which type of verb is used with words like 'all of', 'none of', and 'plenty of'?

Singular verb

In the sentence 'Either the teachers or the principal is/are to blame for the problem in the school', what determines whether 'is' or 'are' should be used?

The number of teachers

What type of verb should be used with 'every room in this guest house has an attached kitchen'?

Singular verb

When referring to 'everyone, everybody, and everything', which type of verb agreement is typically used?

Singular verb

Which place is considered good for holding a lecture in the sentence 'Either the classroom or the auditorium is a good place to hold the lecture'?

Classroom and auditorium

What determines whether to use a singular or plural verb in a sentence with 'either...or, or neither...nor'?

The number of the last item mentioned

When referring to an institution or organization as a whole unit, what type of verb should be used?

Singular verb

Which of the following nouns always takes a plural verb?


Which of the following nouns is plural but takes a singular verb?


Which of the following academic disciplines takes a singular verb when used as the subject of a sentence?


In the sentence 'The jury disagree,' what form should the verb 'disagree' be in to make it grammatically correct?


Which of the following nouns is plural and takes a plural verb?


When is the indefinite article 'a' or 'an' used?

To express 'a kind of' or belonging to a group

Which of the following phrases requires the use of the indefinite article 'a' or 'an'?

Have a pity

In which case should the definite article 'the' be used?

Before unique and one-of-a-kind things

Which of the following sentences uses the indefinite article 'a' or 'an' correctly?

I can type 50 words a minute.

'A' or 'an' is used when talking about:

Prices, quantities, and rates

'A' or 'an' should be used when:

Indicating uniqueness

Test your knowledge of English grammar and sentence structure with this quiz. Identify the correct usage of conjunctions like either...or, or neither...nor in sentences. Practice differentiating between subjects and predicates.

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