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Based on the text, what website offers online grammar lessons to help improve writing skills?

English Grammar 101 (https://www.englishgrammar101.com/)

What do the teachers from Maryland, Maine, and Virginia think about English Grammar 101?

They find it very impressive, teacher friendly, and an absolute treasure.

Where can one find a complete English grammar guide with rules of English usage, explained in plain English with examples?

On the website English grammar guide (https://www.ef.edu/english-resources/english-grammar/)

What kind of grammatical rules are covered by the guide on the website English grammar guide?

The grammatical rules are categorized below and explained in plain English with several examples, and when needed, counter-examples.

Is English grammar always easy to understand?

No, English grammar is not always easy to understand.

Sharpen your English grammar skills with interactive exercises at English Grammar 101. Choose from a range of modules to strengthen your understanding of grammar rules and enhance your writing abilities. Join satisfied teachers in discovering the user-friendly and effective learning experience.

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