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Energy Transfer in Physics

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What is the force that pulls the car down the hill?


What is the term for the total energy of a system?

Conservation of energy

What happens to the energy of the system as the car coasts down the hill?

It is transferred

What is the term for the energy of an object due to its motion?

Kinetic energy

What is the process by which heat is transferred in the tea kettle?


What is the source of energy in the tea kettle example?

The stove

What type of energy is transferred in the solar panel example?

Electromagnetic energy

What is the purpose of a solar panel?

To generate electrical energy

What is the term for the movement of charged particles in a solar cell?

Electric current

What type of transfer occurs in the solar panel example?


Learn about energy transfer in physics, including the work-energy theorem and the relationship between kinetic energy and work done on a system. Explore how work is performed to move an object from one point to another.

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