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Which of the following is an example of a non-renewable energy resource?

Fossil fuels

What could be a potential environmental effect of the burning of fossil fuels?

Increase in greenhouse gas emissions

Which source of energy is NOT renewable based on the text?

Fossil fuels

Energy and fuels are not derived from natural resources.


Wind energy is considered a non-renewable energy resource.


Surface mining does not lead to loss of habitat as an environmental effect.


Examples of renewable energy resources could include wind energy, water behind dams, or ______; non-renewable energy resources are fossil fuels or fissile materials.


Examples of environmental effects could include loss of habitat due to dams, loss of habitat due to surface mining, and air pollution from the burning of ______.

fossil fuels

Wind energy, water behind dams, and sunlight are examples of energy sources derived from ______ resources.


Test your knowledge on how energy and fuels are obtained from natural resources and the impacts of their usage on the environment. Understand the difference between renewable and non-renewable energy resources and their associated environmental effects.

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