Energy Balance and Weight

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What is the role of autotrophs in energy transfer?

Autotrophs capture energy from nonliving sources and convert it into forms that living cells can use. They also store energy in ways that make it available to other organisms, making them primary producers.

Why are plants and algae called photosynthetic primary producers?

Plants and algae are called photosynthetic primary producers because they harness solar energy through photosynthesis to convert carbon dioxide and water into energy-rich carbohydrates, such as sugars and starches.

What is the importance of photosynthesis?

Photosynthesis produces oxygen that is released into the atmosphere and removes carbon dioxide. It is essential for the production of energy-rich compounds and the availability of oxygen for all life forms.

Which organisms are the main primary producers on land?

Plants are the main primary producers on land.

In which ecosystems do bacteria play a significant role as primary producers?

Bacteria play a significant role as primary producers in tidal flats, salt marshes, and mangrove forests.

Test your knowledge on energy balance and how it affects your weight and overall health. Learn about the different sources of energy in your life and how they impact your body. Take this quiz to understand the importance of maintaining a balanced energy equation and how it relates to your diet, exercise, and weight management.

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