Endocrinology Quiz: Hormones and Hypothalamus

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Which of the following is false about hormones?

They are transported by protein

Which hormone is not produced by the hypothalamus?


Vasopressin and oxytocin are elaborated by which gland?

Posterior pituitary gland

Which of the following is a thyroid hormone?


Which one of these is a steroid hormone?


What is the effect of a 1°C increase in temperature on pO2 and pCO2 in a patient with fever?

pO2 decreases by 7%; pCO2 increases by 3%

How does plasma protein interference affect the measurement of samples in clinical chemistry?

It affects diffusion rate of the samples

What effect does bacterial contamination have on the measurement of PO2 in a sample?

It causes low PO2 due to oxygen consumption

Why is transportation of samples at room temperature preferred for PO2 analysis?

PO2 changes rapidly at low temperatures

What happens to arterial blood when exposed to room air?

pO2 increases; pCO2 decreases

What is the effect of bacterial contamination on the measurement of pO2 in a blood sample?

Decreased pO2 due to oxygen consumption by bacteria

How does plasma protein interference affect the measurement of samples in clinical chemistry?

Affects diffusion rate of samples

What is the normal ratio of carbonic acid to bicarbonate in arterial blood?


When arterial blood from a normal patient is exposed to room air, what happens to pO2 and pCO2?

pO2 increases; pCO2 decreases

In a patient with arterial blood gas results showing pH 7.48, pCO2 54 mmHg, and HCO3- 38 mmol/L, what do these values indicate?

Metabolic alkalosis

Test your knowledge of endocrinology with this quiz! Answer questions about hormones, their production, and the role of the hypothalamus in the endocrine system.

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