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What was the narrator's primary motive for approaching Anil?

To steal from him

How did Anil respond when the narrator mentioned that he looked like a wrestler himself?

He agreed and complimented the narrator on his wrestling appearance.

What was the narrator's strategy for avoiding detection by the police and former employers?

Assuming a new identity every month

What did Anil ask the narrator to do after realizing the poor quality of the cooked meal?

Leave immediately

Why did the narrator lie about his name and cooking abilities?

To avoid revealing his true identity and stay ahead of the police

What did Anil give to a stray dog that indicated his dissatisfaction with the narrator's cooking?

The meal cooked by the narrator

What did Anil promise to teach the narrator?

All of the above

How did the narrator feel about the prospect of learning to write?

Excited about the possibilities it would bring

Why did Anil keep worrying about his next cheque?

Because his income from writing was uncertain

What made the narrator consider robbing Anil?

The belief that Anil didn't notice or care about money missing

Why did the narrator believe it would be difficult to rob Anil?

Anil was too trusting and had a clear conscience

What did the narrator consider doing after successfully taking the money?

Fleeing to another city on the 10.30 Express train

Test your understanding of a short story involving a young thief who meets a kind and unsuspecting man. Explore the themes, characters, and events in this intriguing narrative.

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