Encounter with Anil

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What technique did the narrator use to try and get into Anil's confidence?


How did Anil respond to the narrator's initial comment about wrestling?

He agreed with the narrator

What physical characteristic of Anil is mentioned in the text?

Tall, lean, and easy-going

Why was the narrator put off when Anil mentioned that he looked like a wrestler?

The narrator was actually thin at that time

How did the narrator describe himself when asked about wrestling?


Study Notes

The Narrator's Background

  • The narrator was a 15-year-old thief when they met Anil.
  • The narrator had experience as a thief and was fairly successful.

The Encounter with Anil

  • The narrator approached Anil while he was watching a wrestling match.
  • Anil was 25 years old, tall, lean, and appeared easy-going, kind, and simple.

Initial Conversation

  • The narrator used flattery to try to gain Anil's confidence, saying "You look a bit of a wrestler yourself."
  • Anil replied, "So do you," which initially put the narrator off as they were thin at the time.
  • The narrator modestly claimed to wrestle a bit, leading to Anil asking for their name.

Experience the encounter between a young thief and a kind stranger named Anil. Explore themes of friendship, trust, and personal transformation in this short story.

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