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ICT deals with the use of different communication technologies such as mobile phones, telephone, Internet, etc. to locate, save, send and edit ______.


The Internet and The Web have significantly impacted the way the world communicates, entertains, and conducts ______.


When the World Wide Web was invented, most web pages were ______.


Google Docs is a free web-based application that allows the user to create and edit ______ and spreadsheet documents online.

word processing

Web 3.0 aims to have machines understand the user’s preferences to deliver web content specifically targeting the ______.


The Semantic Web is a movement led by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) focusing on enhancing web content understanding through ______.


Technological convergence is the synergy of technological advancements to work on a similar goal or ______.


Social media is a website, application, or online channels that enable web users to create, co-create, discuss, modify, and exchange user-generated content. Six types of Social Media include Social Networks, Bookmarking Sites, Social News, Media Sharing, Microblogging, and ________.

Blogs and Forums

Today, the latest mobile devices use 4G Networking (LTE), which is currently the fastest mobile network. Mobile devices use different operating systems such as iOS, Symbian, Android, WebOS, Blackberry OS, Windows Mobile, and ________ OS.


Assistive media is a nonprofit service designed to help people who have visual and reading impairments. A database of audio recordings is used to read to the user. It is a nonprofit service designed to help people who have visual and reading impairments. Online interactions are becoming as important as face-to-face ones and it made The Internet, as a powerful tool, can be used to promote your business, gain new friends, and stay in touch with the old ones. The Internet, truly, is a powerful tool but also one of the most dangerous places, especially if you do not know what you are doing. Therefore, we need to develop ‘netiquette’—standards of behavior for people online. Netiquette is a term used for Network Etiquette, or Internet ________.


Test your knowledge on Empowerment Technologies and the importance of ICT in our daily lives. Explore how technology has evolved to meet the needs of information and communication.

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