Emerging Technologies in Management Information Systems

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What is one of the three interrelated changes mentioned in the text?

Emerging mobile digital platform

How is cloud computing described in the text?

A flexible collection of computers on the Internet that perform tasks traditionally on corporate computers

Where are major business applications delivered according to the text?

Online as an Internet service

What did Apple open to developers and business users according to the text?

iPhone software and an Applications Store on iTunes

Which device is highlighted as the first successful tablet-sized computing device in the text?


What type of computers are described as a major segment of the laptop marketplace?

Net-centric subnotebook computers

What is the purpose of managers adopting online collaboration and social networking software?

To improve coordination, collaboration, and knowledge sharing

Which business applications are used by over 100 million business professionals worldwide?

Google Sites and Microsoft’s Windows SharePoint Services

What does the adoption of Web 2.0 applications enable employees to do?

Interact as online communities using blogs, wikis, e-mail, and instant messaging services

How do powerful data analytics and interactive dashboards enhance decision-making?

By giving real-time performance information to managers

What technology do managers adopt to reduce travel time and cost while improving collaboration?

Telepresence video conferencing and Web conferencing technologies

What percentage of U.S. businesses have some form of remote work program?


Explore the latest updates in Management Information Systems including the emerging mobile digital platform, growth of online software as a service, and the rise of cloud computing. Learn about the business impacts of these technological changes on various industries.

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