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What are the symptoms of electric shock?

Mild tingling sensation, violent muscle contractions, heart arrhythmia, tissue damage

What type of burns are almost always caused by electric current?

Third-degree burns

How can cell death result from exposure to high-intensity electric fields?

Enlargement of cellular pores

What influences the severity of electrical shock?

Physical condition and current duration

How is energy delivered to body tissues during current flow?

In the form of heat

Burns caused by electric current are almost always third-degree because the burning occurs from the inside of the body.


Burning caused by electric current is usually first-degree burns


Cell death can result from the enlargement of cellular pores due to high-intensity electric fields


The severity of electrical shock is not influenced by the physical condition and physical response of the individual


Current flow through body tissues does not deliver energy in the form of heat


Test your knowledge of electrical safety hazards with this quiz on the dangers of electric shock and tissue damage caused by electricity. Learn about the symptoms and potential risks associated with electric current flowing through the human body.

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