Electric Charge and Coulomb's Law Concepts

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What type of charges repel each other?

Positive charges

What does Coulomb's law state about the force between two point charges?

It is inversely proportional to the product of their charges.

Which principle states that the net electric field at a point due to multiple charges is the vector sum of individual electric fields?

Superposition Principle

Where do electric field lines point with respect to positive charges?

Away from positive charges

What happens to electric field lines when they are closer together?

The field strengthens.

How is torque defined?

A measure of rotational force

What does Coulomb's constant represent in Coulomb's law equation?

Proportionality factor

In Coulomb's law, how does the force between charges change with an increase in distance?

Decreases linearly

What happens to the strength of the electric field as you move away from a charge?

It decreases

Which property helps in visualizing the electric field around charged objects?

Electric field lines

Learn about electric charge properties and Coulomb's law through brief explanations. Understand the concepts of charge quantization, types of charges, and the electrostatic force between charged objects.

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