EKC 394 Chemical Engineering Laboratory II ULTRAFILTRATION

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What is the purpose of determining the membrane resistance, Rm using deionized water?

To analyze the effect of pressure and feed concentration on ultrafiltration performance

Why are ultrafiltration membranes specified in terms of their 'molecular weight cut-off' (MWCO)?

To understand the size of molecules that can pass through the membrane

What is the significance of the cross flow configuration in ultrafiltration units?

It minimizes the concentration polarization at the membrane surface

Why is the tubular type of ultrafiltration membrane widely used?

Because it allows for higher membrane areas in the range of 1 - 20 m2

What happens to the feed solution as it emerges from the ultrafiltration module?

It becomes more concentrated as liquid permeates through the membrane

What is the velocity range for feed solution in the ultrafiltration unit?

$1 - 8$ ms$^{-1}$

What is the primary advantage of cross-flow membrane separations according to the text?

Preventing solid buildup on the membrane surface

What does the variable α represent in the context of the flux expression for most biological materials?

Compressible deposit

What is the useful method for the effects of cross-flow removal of depositing materials as mentioned in the text?

Equation (2)

What factor is introduced to describe the time dependence of filtration in cases where steady state filtration is seldom achieved?

Efficiency factor β

What is equally important to deposition as a factor controlling flux according to the text?

Concentration Polarization

What does the formation of a gel on the surface of the membrane contribute to, according to the text?

Formation of dynamic membranes

What does the flux through the membrane depend on according to the relationship provided in the text?

$C_w$ and $C_b$

What does $rac{ ext{d}V}{ ext{d}t}$ represent in Equation (1) for calculating flux?

Volume change over time

What is represented by $k.rac{ ext{n}C_W}{C_B}$ in Equation (4) for calculating flux?

Convective particle transport

Test your knowledge of ultrafiltration in the chemical engineering laboratory II course at Universiti Sains Malaysia. Topics include membrane resistance, effects of pressure, and different feed concentrations on ultrafiltration performance.

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