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What feature allows users to automatically create quizzes and tests from their own content?

Generating questions automatically

How can users save an additional 20% on Quizgecko?

Using the coupon code SAVE20

Which action is NOT mentioned as a part of the platform's capabilities?

Sharing quizzes on social media

What should users do to continue using Quizgecko after the initial use period?

Upgrade to a paid plan

Which option is a unique way to convert notes into a quiz on Quizgecko?

Turning notes into digital flashcards

Create, share, and export quizzes with auto-grading and detailed analytics. Automatically generate quizzes from content and web pages. Transform notes into flashcards or shareable quizzes with AI. Save 20% with code SAVE20!

Make Your Own Quizzes and Flashcards

Convert your notes into interactive study material.

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