Effective Speech Delivery in Public Speaking

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What does delivery refer to in public speaking?

Using both verbal and nonverbal communication

How does verbal communication differ from nonverbal communication?

Verbal communication involves words, while nonverbal involves gestures and silence.

Why is speech delivery considered an art and not a science?

Because different speakers may need different delivery methods.

In what way are verbal and nonverbal communication similar?

Both can be spoken and written.

What is the defining characteristic of a manuscript speech?

It is read verbatim from a written document

Which method of speech delivery allows the speaker to be free of notes?

Reciting from memory

What is the characteristic of an impromptu speech?

Delivered without any prior preparation

What is the primary purpose of speaking extemporaneously?

To use a brief set of notes or outline while speaking

What is a key factor in platform behavior during a speech delivery?

Maintaining proper motivation for every movement

Why is it important for a speaker to speak clearly during a speech?

To ensure better understanding by the audience

Which method of speech delivery involves delivering a speech without any prior preparation on the topic?

Impromptu speech

When does a speaker typically use a manuscript speech?

Giving a message to Congress

Which type of speech delivery uses a brief set of notes or an outline for memory jogging?

Extemporaneous speech

What distinguishes a memorized speech from other methods of delivery?

The need for exactness in the message

In which scenarios would a speaker typically use impromptu speech?

In a panel discussion on TV

Which factor of speech delivery emphasizes maintaining a proper balance on both feet while standing?


What aspect of delivery should a speaker pay attention to in order to ensure that the audience at the back can hear the speech?


Why is it advised that a speaker avoids mannerisms in platform behavior?

To maintain a professional image

What should a speaker do when in doubt about the pronunciation of a word during a speech?

Consult a modern dictionary

How should a speaker deliver a speech in terms of speed, compared to normal conversation?

Relatively slower than normal conversation

Learn about the importance of speech delivery in public speaking and how to effectively engage and captivate your audience. Discover tips and techniques to improve your articulation and memorability as a speaker.

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