Economic Integration and Collaboration

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What are the main sectors prioritized in the integration of the single market and production in ASEAN?

food, agriculture, and forestry

Who are the founding fathers of ASEAN?

Adam Malik, Narciso R. Ramos, Tun Abdul Razak, S. Rajaratnam, and Thanat Khoman

What is the main objective of ASEAN's economic integration?

To create a competitive economic region

What is the significance of the Initiative for ASEAN Integration (IAI) in promoting economic outcomes?

It aims to develop small and medium enterprises

What is the main goal of ASEAN's integration into the global economy?

To maintain ASEAN centrality and participate in global supply networks

What was the precursor to ASEAN, formed in 1963 by President Diosdado Macapagal?


What is cultural socialization, and how does it occur?

Cultural socialization is when we go out and interact with people from other groups, and experience a different culture. It occurs through interactions with people from other cultures, leading to the exchange of cultural ideas and practices.

What is the difference between acculturation and accommodation?

Acculturation is a lesser degree of cultural adaptation, where one adopts a new culture only when in public, whereas accommodation is a larger degree of adaptation, where one begins to resemble the people in the other group.

What is the significance of ASEAN+3 in the context of regional cooperation?

ASEAN+3 refers to the economic integration of ASEAN countries with China, Japan, and South Korea, promoting regional cooperation and cultural exchange.

What is cultural hybridization, and how does it occur?

Cultural hybridization is the process where external inputs interact with internal inputs, resulting in the creation of new cultural practices and identities.

What is the concept of deterritorialization, and how does it relate to cultural exchange?

Deterritorialization refers to the idea that culture is no longer tied to the geographical space where it originates, and can be transmitted and shared across borders.

What is cultural imperialism, and how does it differ from cultural assimilation?

Cultural imperialism refers to the conscious imposition of one culture on another, whereas cultural assimilation is the process of one culture influencing others to become more like it.

What is the concept of Glocalization of religion and how does it relate to the intermingling of universal and local religious beliefs?

Glocalization of religion is the intermingling of universal and local religious beliefs, resulting in a unique blend of religious practices and beliefs.

How does Affiliation Motivation relate to an individual's desire for positive social interaction with others?

Affiliation Motivation is the drive to affiliate with a religion in order to have positive social interaction with people, suggesting a social dimension to religious affiliation.

What is the concept of Cultural Pluralism, and how does it relate to the maintenance of cultural practices within a larger society?

Cultural Pluralism is a phenomenon where a small group of shared identity maintains their cultural practices as long as it aligns with the larger society's norms.

What is the difference between Non-violent Intolerance and Violent Intolerance in the context of religion?

Non-violent Intolerance refers to extreme identification with a particular religion, while Violent Intolerance involves the direct use of physical violence in pursuing a subjectively defined religious mission.

What is Transnational Education, and how does it relate to the flow of students across borders?

Transnational Education refers to the phenomenon of studying abroad, where students physically cross international borders to participate in educational activities in a destination country.

What is the concept of Equivalency in the context of education, and how does it relate to academic degree requirements?

Equivalency is the process of gauging whether one's level of achievement is commensurate to the expected requirement for an academic degree.

What is the role of Technology in addressing human problems, and how does it relate to the process of education?

Technology is a technique, process, or material good emerging from the use of science in addressing human problems, and it plays a crucial role in facilitating education through various digital platforms and tools.

What is the concept of Open and Distance Education, and how does it relate to the virtual world of learning?

Open and Distance Education refers to the process of learning from the virtual world, leveraging digital technologies to facilitate access to education.

What is the concept of Global Cities, and how do they relate to the execution and management of global economic activities?

Global Cities are central sites for advanced services and facilities of telecommunication, which are necessary for the execution and management of global economic activities.

What is the concept of Religious Tolerance, and how does it relate to the coexistence of different religious practices and beliefs?

Religious Tolerance refers to the practice of allowing others to abide by their own religious practices and beliefs, such as consenting to the establishment of places of worship.

This quiz assesses your understanding of economic integration, including the creation of a single market, promoting fair competition, and achieving equitable economic outcomes. It covers topics such as free flow of goods and services, consumer protection, and infrastructure development.

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