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What was the early focus of ecocriticism?

The pastoral imagination in Anglo-American Romanticism

Which literary figure's tradition was central to the early focus of ecocriticism?

William Wordsworth

What marked the shift in ecocriticism around the start of the century?

Increased interest in industrial landscapes

First-wave ecocriticism placed special value on the aesthetics and ethics of what?

Place-attachment at a local or regional scale

In literatureenvironment studies, what does 'exploring the interconnectedness between human life/history and physical environments' refer to?

Imagination of place

Which period coincided with ecocriticism's early concentration on the pastoral imagination?

The Industrial Revolution

What does ecocriticism provide a posthumanist perspective on?

Humans as one species among others

In the context of ecocriticism, what does 'Biophilia' refer to?

The sense of human connectedness to nonhuman living beings

What has ecocriticism succeeded in doing beyond literature studies?

Focusing on the environment as a priority

How are habitats and species symbolically represented in conservation efforts?

As elements standing for nature protection at large

What does ecocriticism offer in terms of critical approaches according to the text?

A promise of deeper and more nuanced understanding of environmental issues

What is the central idea behind ecocriticism's perspective on humans?

Viewing humans as part of a larger ecosystem

What prompted the shift in focus to environmental concerns in the 1970s?

Global warming and the environmental crisis

What term is used to describe literary scholars, philosophers, and historians engaged with the climate question?


How does Greg Garrard describe ecocriticism in his book Ecocriticism (2004)?

An avowedly political mode of analysis

What did Lawrence Buell highlight as a focus of Twentieth Century environmental criticism?

Nature writing and wilderness

In what way do the emerging works in the 21st century differ from those of the Twentieth Century according to the text?

They are increasingly concerned with topical environmental issues

What is one major difference between the First Wave and Second Wave of environmental criticism according to Lawrence Buell?

First Wave focused on nature writing, Second Wave focuses on topical environmental issues

Test your knowledge on the relationship between ecocriticism, literature, and the environmental crisis. Explore how literary scholars, philosophers, and historians engage with climate change issues.

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