Earth's Structure and Continental Margins

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What is the primary composition of the Earth's core?

Mainly metals, such as iron and nickel

What is the approximate percentage of the Earth's volume that the mantle makes up?


What is the outermost layer of the Earth?


What is the result of the movement of tectonic plates?

Tectonic and seismic activity

What is the rate at which tectonic plates move over the surface of the Earth?

A few centimeters per year

What is the main characteristic of the Ring of Fire?

High levels of volcanic activity due to subduction

What is the result of erosion on passive continental margins?

Flat inland geography with low levels of tectonic pressure

What is the difference between sea canyons and oceanic trenches?

Sea canyons are formed by erosion, while oceanic trenches are formed by subduction

Which of the following continents is nearly completely bounded by passive continental margins?

Africa, Antarctica, and Australia

What is an example of an emergent coast?

A coast resulting from tectonic activity pushing the crust up

What is the primary difference between oceanic plates and continental plates?


What feature is typically associated with an active continental margin?

Rising mountain ranges

What process is responsible for the oceanic crust being melted and recycled?


What is the result of the process of subduction at an active continental margin?

Creation of a deep ocean trench

What is an example of an area with an active continental margin?

West coast of North America

Learn about the layers of the Earth, from the core to the continental margins, and how they interact. Discover the different types of rocks and their formation processes. Test your knowledge of the Earth's structure and plate tectonics.

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