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What is the main focus of Chapter 4 in the textbook?

Identifying key security threats in e-commerce

In what way does technology help secure Internet communications channels according to Chapter 4?

By encrypting data and protecting networks

What is the significance of policies, procedures, and laws in creating security as mentioned in Chapter 4?

They are essential for creating security

Which aspect of e-commerce payment systems is discussed in Chapter 4?

The major e-commerce payment systems in use today

What is the focus of the class discussion mentioned in the text?

Personal experiences with cybercrime

What is a potential deterrent for cybercrime?

International agreements similar to the Geneva Convention

What is the estimated global economic impact of cybercrime and cyberespionage according to the McAfee/Center for Strategic and International Studies study?

$455 to $600 billion

Which form of cybercrime is mentioned as one of the most high-profile in the text?

Online credit card fraud

According to the table, what does the integrity dimension of e-commerce security address from a merchant's perspective?

Data alteration on the site without authorization

What is the main tension mentioned in the text related to security and other values?

Ease of use vs. security measures

Which key points are mentioned as vulnerabilities in the e-commerce environment?

Client, server, and communications pipeline

What does the nonrepudiation dimension of e-commerce security address from a customer's perspective?

Can a party later deny taking an action

What is a factor in achieving the highest degree of security for e-commerce according to the text?

New technologies, organizational policies, and industry standards

Which value is mentioned as a potential conflict with security measures in e-commerce?

Public safety and criminal uses of the Internet

What does the availability dimension of e-commerce security address from a customer's perspective?

Ability to get access to the site

What is mentioned as a significant factor affecting e-commerce security and potential loss?

Time value of money versus cost of security

Test your knowledge of e-commerce security and payment systems with this quiz based on Chapter 4 of the book 'E-commerce 2020-2021: Business. Technology. Society. Sixteenth Edition'. The quiz covers topics such as e-commerce crime, security threats, and technology's role in securing Internet commerce.

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