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Which field is related to an 'electronic mechanic' in the context of ITI?

Repair and maintenance of electronic equipment

What does DRDO stand for?

Defense Research and Development Organization

What does 'metro' refer to in the given context?

Metropolitan transportation system

Study Notes

ITI Related Fields

  • Electronic Mechanic is a field related to Information Technology and Instrumentation (ITI)

Government Organizations

  • DRDO stands for Defence Research and Development Organisation

Transportation Systems

  • In the given context, 'metro' refers to a metropolitan railway system or underground railway system

Test your knowledge on DRDO, electronic mechanic in the context of ITI, and the significance of 'metro' in this quiz. Learn the meaning of DRDO, explore the field related to electronic mechanics in the context of ITI, and understand the relevance of 'metro' in this context.

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