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Why does the text mention 'Scanned with CamScanner' multiple times?

To promote the CamScanner app

What can be inferred about the source of the text?

It was captured using a smartphone camera

What is the likely purpose of the text?

To demonstrate the capabilities of CamScanner

What is the most likely reason for the repeated mention of 'Scanned with CamScanner' in the text?

The document was scanned with a specific scanning app

What is the probable purpose of the text?

To provide information about a specific scanning app

What can be inferred about the document based on the repeated text 'Scanned with CamScanner'?

The document may contain sensitive information

Why might the text repeatedly mention 'Scanned with CamScanner'?

To indicate the method used for digitizing the document

Test your knowledge of document scanning apps with this quiz. Learn about the features and functions of CamScanner and other similar apps.

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