DNA Profiling and Forensic Science Quiz

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What is DNA profiling?

Determining an individual's DNA characteristics

Who independently developed a process for DNA profiling in 1985?

Sir Alec Jeffreys

What is DNA barcoding used for?

Identifying a species through DNA analysis

When did scientific advances first allow the use of DNA for identification of an individual?


In what fields has DNA profiling been used, in addition to criminal investigations and paternity testing?

Zoology, botany, and agriculture

What is another name for DNA profiling?

Genetic fingerprinting

What is the process of DNA analysis intended for identifying a species called?

DNA barcoding

Who filed the first patent covering the direct use of DNA variation for forensics?

Jeffrey Glassberg

In which year did scientific advances allow the use of DNA as a material for the identification of an individual?


Where did Sir Alec Jeffreys independently develop a process for DNA profiling in 1985?

University of Leicester

Test your knowledge about DNA profiling, forensic techniques, and genetic fingerprinting with this quiz. Explore the applications of DNA analysis in criminal investigations, paternity testing, and species identification through DNA barcoding.

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