DNA as Genetic Material and Structural Model

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What was the significance of Frederick Griffith's experiment in 1928?

Demonstrated the transformation principle where traits could be passed between bacteria

What did Alfred Hershey and Martha Chase show in their 1952 experiment?

DNA is the genetic material of T2 phages

In the viral studies discussed, what is the role of bacteriophages in cells?

Infect cells and take over their metabolism for reproduction

What did Thomas Hunt Morgan show in 1911 regarding genes and chromosomes?

Connection between genes and chromosomes

What did the experiment with Radioactive sulfur (35S) in phage protein demonstrate?

Radioactive protein in phage particles

How did living S cells and R cells react in Griffith's experiment when mixed together?

R cells transformed into S cells

What did Erwin Chargaff's 1950 report on DNA composition reveal?

DNA composition varies from species to species

Which pair of nucleotides form hydrogen bonds with each other in DNA?

Guanine and Cytosine

What did the experiments by Matthew Meselson and Franklin Stahl support regarding DNA replication?

Semi-conservative model

Which statement accurately describes DNA replication?

Daughter strands are built based on specific base-pairing rules

What is a key feature of DNA that made it a credible candidate as genetic material?

Diversity of DNA composition

How many origins of replication can eukaryotic chromosomes have?

Hundreds of origins

During transcription, how does RNA polymerase move along the DNA?

Unwinding the double helix 10 to 20 bases at a time

In eukaryotes, at what rate does RNA polymerase progress during transcription?

40 nucleotides per second

What happens during the termination of transcription in bacteria?

Polymerase stops at the end of the terminator

What is the function of ribozymes in RNA processing?

Catalyze RNA splicing processes

What is the role of introns and exons in RNA splicing?

Introns are noncoding stretches removed during splicing, while exons are coding regions

What is added to the 5' end of mRNA during eukaryotic modification of RNA?

GTP cap

Which structure is responsible for removing introns during RNA processing?


How do alterations at the ends of mRNA molecules help in cellular processes?

Alterations facilitate mRNA export and protect mRNA from enzymes

What is the primary purpose of polyadenylation in mRNA processing?

Protection of mRNA from degradation by enzymes

Explore the evidence supporting DNA as the genetic material and the development of the structural model of DNA in the 1950s. Learn about the contributions of scientists such as Erwin Chargaff, Watson and Crick, Pauling, and Franklin and Wilkins.

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