Distributed Systems and Cloud Computing: The Actor Model

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What is the term used to describe actors that create other actors?


How many common recovery steps are there when a worker hits a problem?


What type of actors watch actors on other nodes in the cluster?

Sentinel actors

What is a major reason for the need to run code concurrently?

Multiple cores are available on modern CPUs

What is the name of the manifesto that Akka adheres to?

The Reactive Manifesto

What is one of the requirements of reactive applications?

Being event-driven

What is a characteristic of messages in the Actor Model?

They are immutable

What does Akka create a layer between?

Actors and the underlying system

What is the purpose of an actor's mailbox?

To buffer messages from other actors

What is the role of the Dispatcher in the Actor Model?

To ensure actors with nonempty mailboxes eventually get run by a specific thread

What can an actor do according to the Actor Model?

Create more actors and send messages to other actors

What happens to the workload when an office is larger?

It can handle more work.

How does an actor process messages from other actors?

Sequentially, one at a time

What is sent to the office and then routed to each worker?


What happens when messages arrive faster than the workers can perform each task?

There is a backlog of pending messages.

When do workers occupy desks in an asynchronous system?

When they have something to do.

What feature is available in actor systems that run in a cluster?

Failure detection and recovery.

What is the primary function of an actor's createReceive() method?

To identify the message type and react accordingly

What is an ActorSystem in Akka?

A hierarchical group of actors sharing common configuration

What can an actor do upon receiving a message?

Execute some operations itself, forward the message, or instantiate a new actor

What is the purpose of the matchAny() method?

To catch any unmatched message

What is the entry point for creating or looking up actors in Akka?

The ActorSystem class

What is the parent class of an actor implementation in Akka?


What is the purpose of the Props class in Akka?

To create actors

How can you create a child actor in Akka?

Using the implicit context reference

What are the two predefined methods provided by Akka for message exchange?

tell() and ask()

What is the purpose of the preStart() method in Akka's actor life cycle?

To initialize the actor before it starts

How do actors communicate with each other in Akka?

By sending and receiving messages

What is the purpose of the ActorSystem in Akka?

To create a root-level or top-level actor

Learn about the Actor Model, a concurrency approach that takes advantage of multiple CPU cores. Discover how it addresses the limitations of threads and helps developers write more efficient code.

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