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What is the nature of distilled water?


How can the neutrality of distilled water be tested?

Using red and blue litmus paper

What happens to the color of red and blue litmus paper when dipped in distilled water?

Remains unchanged

What is the primary purpose of photosynthesis?

To convert light energy into chemical energy

Which organisms are referred to as photoautotrophs?

Plants, algae, and cyanobacteria

What is the byproduct of oxygenic photosynthesis?


What do some bacteria use as a reductant in anoxygenic photosynthesis?

Hydrogen sulfide

Which pigment is used by archaea like Halobacterium in non-carbon-fixing anoxygenic photosynthesis?

Retinal and its microbial rhodopsin derivatives

Test your knowledge of the properties of distilled water with this quiz. Learn how to use red and blue litmus paper to determine the neutral nature of distilled water.

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