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Disinfection Methods for Invasive Medical Procedures

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What is the primary function of adding neutral red to media?

To differentiate between lactose fermenters and non-lactose fermenters

Which type of culture media is used for the growth of intracellular bacteria?

Cell / tissue culture

What is the effect of crystal violet on Gram-positive bacteria?

It inhibits their growth

What is the characteristic of lactose fermenters when grown on media with neutral red?

They produce acidic metabolites

What is the primary purpose of using embryonated chicken egg in virology?

To cultivate viruses

What is the effect of bile salts on Gram-negative bacteria?

It enhances their growth

What is the primary purpose of a Biosafety Level 4 facility?

To provide additional precautions and special containment facilities for high-risk agents

Which of the following is NOT a typical example of a pathogen handled under Biosafety Level 1 precautions?

Rabies virus

What is the primary purpose of a biohazard warning sign in a laboratory?

To alert personnel to the presence of infectious materials

Which of the following is a requirement for Biosafety Level 2 precautions?

The use of partial containment equipment

What is the purpose of decontamination of infectious waste in a laboratory?

To reduce the risk of exposure to infectious materials

Which of the following personal protective equipment (PPE) is NOT typically used in a laboratory?


What is the primary reason for using high-level disinfectants on certain medical instruments?

Because the instruments cannot withstand sterilization procedures

What is the most effective way to disinfect medical instruments and items?

Cleaning the surface to remove organic matter before disinfecting

What type of medical instruments are typically treated with intermediate-level disinfectants?

Flexible fiberoptic endoscopes and laryngoscopes

What is the purpose of using low-level disinfectants on certain medical instruments?

To treat noncritical instruments and devices

What is an example of a high-level disinfectant?


What is the primary difference between high-level and intermediate-level disinfectants?

The strength of the disinfectant

Compared to alcohols, iodophors have a similar range of activity but are slightly more ______________ to the skin.


Chlorhexidine has broad antimicrobial activity, but its effectiveness is decreased by _______________.

organic material

Parachlorometaxylenol is primarily effective against _______________.

gram-positive bacteria

Triclosan is active against _______________, but not against many other organisms.


Virusolve+ is highly effective against _______________.

bacteria, mycobacteria, fungi, viruses, and spores

What is the benefit of using parachlorometaxylenol in hand washing products?

It is nontoxic and has residual activity

What is the primary mechanism of action of BSC fumigation?

The chemical penetrates all internal surfaces within the BSC, including through the HEPA filters

What is the main reason for fumigating a BSC to prevent the outbreak of highly infectious agents?

To prevent the spread of infectious agents to laboratory personnel

What is the primary characteristic of the chemical used in BSC fumigation?

It is a stable liquid at room temperature and converted to a gas or microscopic droplets prior to its release

How often should BSC fumigation be performed as a part of a regular contamination control regimen?

As a part of a regular contamination control regimen, such as in BSL-3 or -4 facilities

What is the primary benefit of fumigating a BSC before non-routine service?

To ensure the safety of service personnel who need to access potentially biologically contaminated areas of the BSC

What is the significance of using a chemical capable of killing bacterial endospores in BSC fumigation?

It indicates the chemical is effective against the most resistant microorganisms

Test your knowledge on the use of high-level disinfectants for items involved in invasive medical procedures, including cleaning and treatment methods. Learn about the importance of removing organic matter and the different types of disinfectants used. Assess your understanding of disinfection procedures in healthcare settings.

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