Discovering Penicillin & Antibiotic Resistance

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What was the initial response of Fleming's peers to his discovery of penicillin?

They showed little interest in his work

Who did Fleming enlist to help purify penicillin from the mold?

Several leading chemists

What did Professor Harold Raistrick declare about the production of penicillin for therapeutic purposes?

It was almost impossible

What is one of the main reasons for the large-scale use of antibiotics in agriculture?

To increase growth and prevent infections in livestock

Why is infection control essential in intense farming with large herds?

Disease can spread incredibly quickly in close quarters

What is a significant consequence of administering antibiotics as a preventative measure in agriculture?

Increased exposure of bacteria to antibiotics

What did scientists identify as one of the most significant contributors to the rise in drug-resistant bacteria?

Agricultural use of antibiotics

In what way did the heavy administration of the antibiotic colistin to pigs in China impact its effectiveness in humans?

Around 4% of the world's bacteria were already resistant to it

What percentage of all antibiotics used in the United States are used in agriculture?


What is the primary reason for administering antibiotics to farm animals in intense farming?

As a preventative measure when there is believed to be a risk of infection to a herd

What is the primary concern regarding the rise in antibiotic-resistant mutations due to agricultural use of antibiotics?

Limited effectiveness of antibiotics in human medicine

Test your knowledge of the discovery of penicillin with this quiz! Learn about Alexander Fleming's perseverance and collaboration with leading chemists and biochemists to purify penicillin from mould.

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